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Practical from 17

Basic training in the driving school. The lessons may start before the theoritical examination.

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You choose the number of lessons you need depending what skills you want to reach.

6-8 hours for basics driving skills : startings, stops, use of engine brake, turnings, shifting gears up and down, up hill starts.

12-14 hours idem 6-8hours plus maneuvers, highway, urban driving (junctions, priorities, traffic, pedestrians, cyclists.......).

16-20 hours for more indenpendence.


Driving with a provisional driving licence : you go to the "commune" to get a provisional driving licence (Permis de Conduire Provisoire / Voorlopig Rijbewijs). This provisional licence is valid 36 months.

You have to drive at least 3 months always accompanied by someone who must have a european driving licence for at least 8 years).

The practical examation ; two conditions before you are authorized to present the examination: to be 18 year old and to have a provisional driving licence since at least 3 months.

You can present the practical examination either with your car or with the car of the driving school.

Be careful : two failures at the examination = 6 hours mandatory !

Be careful : temporary licence expire = 6 hours mandatory !


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