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Stockel (Place Dumon)
Waterloo (Centre)
Watermael - Boitsfort (Place Keym)
Woluwé-st-Lambert (Tomberg)

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Practical from 18: 2 possibilities

20 hours of lessons. The lessons may start before the theoritical examination.


Basic training in the driving school. The lessons may start before the theoritical examination.

How many hours do you need ? click here

You choose the number of lessons you need depending what skills you want to reach.

6-8 hours for basics driving skills : startings, stops, use of engine brake, turnings, shifting gears up and down, up hill starts.

12-14 hours idem 6-8hours plus maneuvers, highway, urban driving (junctions, priorities, traffic, pedestrians, cyclists.......).

16-20 hours for more indenpendence.

Use >on-line access to consult price list, to see the available date for the lessons, to register, ...

Driving with a provisional driving licence

Go to the "commune" to get a provisional driving licence (Permis de Conduire Provisoire / Voorlopig Rijbewijs).

You may drive alone.

This provisional licence is valid 18 months.


You have to drive at least 3 months always accompanied by someone who must have a european driving licence for at least 8 years.

This provisional licence is valid 36 months.

The practical examination

You must have a provisional driving licence since at least 3 months.

You can present the practical examination either with your car or with the car of the driving school.

Be careful : two failures at the examination = 6 hours mandatory !

Be careful : temporary licence expire = 6 hours mandatory !


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